3 most important Tips and Tricks

3 Quick Tips about DDC Codes for a Better Game Experience

Everybody knows that DDC codes can give you coins in the game… for free!

But there are certain things you don’t know about them. But worry not, because I am here to give you 3 quick tips about DDC codes that will improve your experience in the game!

#1 – Check The Internet Regularly for New Codes:

Although you can get free coins thanks to them, there’s a downside: They tend to expire kind of quickly.

If you want to get a real advantage, then it is your duty to check the internet regularly. Fortunately, the community of DDC gamers is quite big, which means that you will always find a list of working promo codes.

Just that, at times, it may become harder. Because there are several persons like you who are hunting down those codes in a frenzy for getting free coins. Lots of them.

#2 – Rapid Clicking for More Coins:

Even though for some it won’t work, unless you use Internet Explorer, this little trick can help you to get more coins form your codes.

How to do it? It’s actually quite simple:

  1. Enter your promo code
  2. Click the Apply button as fast as possible
  3. Enjoy your coins!

This little trick will usually give you 4-5 times more coins. Just take into account that in some cases it won’t work, and it has been proven that it works better with outdated versions of Internet Explorer.

The trick resides in clicking as fast as you can. So, prepare your clicking skills, because they will fill your account with more coins than you can handle!

#3 – Use Premium Codes:

There are two kinds of DDC codes in this world: normal and premium.

Normal codes are just average. I mean, they give you free coins, but they do not come close to what a single premium code can offer you.

With normal codes you have to spend quite a bit of time looking around in the internet, because due to the high competition, most free codes tend to expire quite fast.

On the other hand, there’s nothing better than using premium DDC codes, like the ones I offer you at DDC Academy. Don’t worry, they are also 100% free!

The thing is that, thanks to these codes, you will save lots of time, as they are delivered right to your inbox and they tend to last a lot, as they are not open to the general public.

Moreover, they give far more coins. And now, imagine if you combined the rapid clicking trick with these premium codes. The result would be amazing, wouldn’t it?

So now you know it: if you want to enjoy DDC at its best, then you need to use premium codes. There’s no other way around it.


Now here you have 3 quick tips about Double Down Casino codes that will come in handy. Just follow them and see how your accounts grows in coins every single day!

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