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The Hard Truth: Why Most People Will Never Be Great Poker Players


A Strong and Rapidly Growing Industry:In 2015 the online poker industry reached a massive $40 billion USD mark, almost 3 times the size from 2005.

And it just keeps growing year by year, that’s why according to predictions the online gambling industry will be worth approx. $1 trillion USD by 2021, a market capitalization that will greatly surpass several of the biggest names in the business and technology world like Apple, Alphabet (Google), Microsoft, Facebook, IBM and even Amazon and Alibaba.

This is more than enough to see that this industry is big, and hence, it attracts many persons with the hopes of making plenty of money… but there’s something you must know: most of them will fail.

This article will expose to you the hard truth on why most people will fail to become great poker players, and hence, end up losing money.

This has not been written to discourage, to the contrary, the goal of this piece of content is to share with you the principal flaws that prevent people from becoming excellent players and making a living out of this.


Going All In on Poker Without Experience At All:

This is the biggest mistake you can make. For real, going all in with real cash with no experience is the quickest way to disappear your money and leave your wallet hungry… and your bank account collecting dust.

This mistake is born from the idea that poker is just luck (a very important factor), and hence not much skill is needed, but that logic is deeply flawed. Really, if you have not even played online poker at Double Down Casino, then start investing your time and money into educating yourself rather than losing it in real games.

My recommendation for you is to educate yourself first, that will be much better. Start by playing free online poker games like DDC, and if you want to know more about it then you should read this blog post by

People win money from bad players, so please don’t be that bad players others get money from!

Disregard the Emotional and Mental Aspect of Poker:

What many don’t take into account is that poker is far more than a simple game: it is a rough, brutal and defiant mental test that only a few can win.

If you cannot keep your emotions under control, then you are likely to lose, and yes even in online poker. Emotional control is essential for winning in this world.

You must learn how to remain cool, focused and calm, especially if you play live poker. Well-seasoned and skilled players know how to identify when a person is having a meltdown, and this is when they attack. You need to avoid this, and the unique way to accomplish this is by controlling your emotions.

You must put reason over emotion any day of the week. Remember this all the time and your future in poker will be brighter.

They Don’t Manage Their Bankroll Properly:

Another huge reason on why most people will never be great poker players. And well, proper bankroll management is not that easy, it requires quite a bit of skill and experience to do it properly.

The first and most important rule: only put into your bankroll what you can afford to lose. The same piece of advice is given to investors in Forex and highly-volatile markets like crypto-currencies.

Another rule: your POKER bankroll is meant solely for poker. Many newcomers commit the mistake of using it for other games, and this is where they start to lose control and drive their bankroll down to zero.

Investing a big part of your time into learning how to administer it will yield you amazing results, because if you can control it then you will be playing poker smartly rather than simply throwing your money away by gambling.

They Blame the Platform or Poker Room:

This is another reason on why most of them fail to be great poker players: the blame the environment rather than their own flaws.

It happens quite frequently amongst new players, because they are not capable of recognizing they are not doing well, so it is easier to say that the poker room or platform is rigged.

They Don’t Read Poker Books:

Education is fundamental when it comes to poker and the more you read the better. For exemple reading our blog just 20-30 minutes a month will help you more than you can imagine.

Really dedicated, winning and skilled players read books. Therefore, why don’t you imitate that? That alone will set you apart from the vast majority of wannabe poker players.

They Play Too Tired or Even Drunk:

This happens when you don’t take poker seriously enough, so it is normal to see people playing poker tired or drunk, and we all know what this equals to: a total disaster and more chances of losing your money.

Avoid this at all cost, because sooner than later it will end up drying up your bankroll.

They Don’t Think of Math:

Math and poker go hand to hand, and mastering it will give you an edge over your competition. This is yet another factor that sets apart the wannabes from the skilled.

This point is too extensive to cover it in this article, but here are the most important topics you need to learn in order to succeed in poker math:

  1. Pot odds
  2. Implied odds
  3. Sklansky dollars
  4. Expected value
  5. Fold Equity
  6. Poker Equity
  7. Hand combinations

And more. This matter is very large, that’s why studying will set you apart from the rest. It takes plenty of effort, but if you get it right then it will make a noticeable difference in your profits.

Conclusion and Final Words:

Poker is harder than it seems… right? It is not supposed to be easy, that’s why just the best can outstand. If you want to be part of them, then you better start avoiding these mistakes and instead start doing what the pros do.



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