Biggest Double Down Casino Mistakes

5 Biggest Double Down Casino Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Although you won’t use real money in DDC, there are still certain mistakes you can easily avoid in order to enjoy the different games of the platform at their best.

Today I will share with you the 5 biggest mistakes, so you can be aware of them and avoid them. And worry not, because everything is explained in layman’s terms.

#1 – Texas Hold’Em Poker: Playing a Small Flush in a Multi-way Pot

Although you won’t lose any real money, it can do some real damage to your balance if you and the rest of players are betting heavily.

Why is it a bad idea? Because the odds are playing against you. Chances are another player has a larger flush, and you can easily guess what will be the final result. Many newcomers to Texas Hold’Em tend to commit this mistake.

Therefore, if you want to start off with the right foot, remember this simple tip: Avoid calling a small flush in a multi-way pot. You will thank me later.

#2 – Texas Hold’Em: Don’t Know When to Stop the Bluff

You can easily tell I’m a fan of poker, especially if you have read my story on how I discovered DDC.

Well, many beginners commit the mistake of going on with the bluff, just because they have already betted many chips. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t care about it, and if your opponent has a better hand, you are done.

You need to learn when to stop the bluff. This will prevent you from losing chips unnecessarily. Just understand that there will always be games that you simply can’t win. As simple as that.

#3 – Blackjack: Increase Your Bet Size after Consequent Losses

For some strange reason beginners believe that after several losses, all of a sudden, their chances of winning will increase. That’s a flawed logic, but as they buy into it, they tend to increase their bet size.

If you are lucky then it may work, but it’s not sustainable strategy. It is not even a strategy, but just a pretty bad approach.

If you want to enjoy playing blackjack at DDC, then you should avoid this big mistake which can seriously hurt your balance. But well, if it ever happens, you know you can get premium codes from DDC Academy in order to recover your lost coins.

#4 – Roulette: Using the Martingale Strategy

Again, similar to the previous case, it is not even a strategy.

The martingale is very popular, and it simply relies on doubling the bet size after a loss. Again, for some weird reason, beginners think that this will eventually work, but in most cases this will drain their coins and leave them pretty frustrated.

Avoid this pretty big mistake at all costs. A martingale will rarely work favorably for you, so don’t allow it to eat your bankroll!

#5 – General: Wasting Your Time with Regular Promo Codes

This mistake is not specifically linked with any game in DDC, but you should not waste your time with regular promo codes. Soon you will discover that it is hard to find working regular promo codes, and when you find them, you will be pretty disappointed with how little coins they bring.

But hey, you don’t have to worry about it, because that’s why I created DDC Academy, in order to bring you premium promo codes which are instantly delivered to your email and which will bring you tons of coins!


Here you have them: The 5 biggest mistakes you can commit in DDC, and how you can avoid them. I hope this helps you to enjoy of a better experience in the game!



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